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Follow Your Dreams!

What are your dreams? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Did you know that it’s never too early to start working on the future that YOU want for yourself? Sure, we’re kids, but that’s the best part. It means that time is on our side. We have the chance to do something awesome. Well … actually, we have the time to do many, many awesome things! It’s ok to have several dreams, kids are complex individuals! 😂

Remember the movie, Meet the Robinsons? The Robinsons dreamed of being great inventors, but many of their inventions were disasters! Keep moving forward was their motto, and it’s a great one. Sometimes we may fail or have setbacks, but we have to keep going. It’s our dream!

We all can take small steps toward our dreams. Don’t be afraid. Baby steps is still moving forward. Last week, I took a baby step toward my dream of being a performer. I wrote and performed my rap song at my school’s variety show. Man, it was scary! But, I learned that I can do it. Now, I’m working on my next song! 😊

Check out my first performance and let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon,


No Bullying Zone!

What’s up, my people?

I want to talk to you today about something that I am very concerned about. Bullying. For the record, bullying is wack, and I DON’T DO IT! Why go out of your way to make someone else feel bad? I’ve been bullied myself, so I know how it feels. Not good. Let’s talk about what us kids can do to stand up against bullying.

  • Set a good example – Don’t be a bully! It’s simple. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Don’t laugh at bullies, don’t even talk to them. Bullies love an audience, so don’t give them one. Remember, bullying is wack!
  • Be a friend – It sucks to be bullied. It makes you feel bad, and most of all, you feel alone. Bullies usually pick on the kids who don’t have many friends. So, be nice to that kid who is being bullied. Sit with them at lunch, play with them during recess. You never know, you may find an awesome new buddy.
  • Tell an adult – If you are being bullied or you know someone who is a victim of bullying, OPEN YOUR MOUTH! Tell an adult. Don’t be silent. It will only get worse if you are quiet about it. You may even be doing the bully a favor. According to my mom, bullies are usually unhappy about something and they don’t know how to deal. Make a difference!

Those are just a few of the ways that I think we can stop bullying once and for all. Let’s put our heads together and help each other. Share your stories and ideas. Stand up!i know what it feels like to be bullied stand up for the underdog you shoud lift people upimage