New school year, big things!

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you guys. The last few months have been busy and exciting for me and Amazingly Awesome Kids Club. We spent the summer traveling and promoting our message of awesomeness. I visited my home town, Chicago, New York, North Carolina, and Washington, DC. It was awesome! I met T-Micky, the son of Haiti’s President, best selling authors, awesome singers, and most importantly, KIDS!

I’m in fifth grade this year, and it feels good to be the big cheese on campus. Fifth grade definitely has its perks. 🙂 This year, I am a safety in the kindergarten class. Let me tell you, it is a BIG responsibility. Those little kids expect me to get them to and from the bus safely, and I am up for the challenge. This is my last year in elementary school, and my mom is totally freaking out. She says that she is not ready for middle school. Umm, Mom, you’re not the student, I am. Chill.

But enough about me. How is the school year going for you so far? What has been your biggest challenge this year? What is your favorite subject?

I am having a great time in school, and of course, being Amazingly Awesome. We are gearing up for talent night next month, where I will debut my Amazingly Awesome Rap. I’m nervous, but I can’t wait to share our message (and show off my dance moves).

Well, folks, that’s my time. I have to go and practice now. I promise to check in more often. Until then, Peace!

Be Amazing

Be Awesome

Be Amazingly Awesome! 

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